The cuisine is very wholesome and is based on typical recipes of Verona and Mantua. All the dishes are prepared with products from the family’s farm and therefore can vary according to availability.



cotechino (kind of spiced Italian sausage) with Savoy cabbage, luganega sausage with polenta, salami and bacon, fresh salami with polenta, meatballs...

tagliatelle soup with chicken livers, tripe soup, pasta and bean soup, cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup, cream of pumpkin soup, tortellini soup or regular tortellini, tortelli filled with celeriac...

wide selection of mixed boiled meats (beef, tongue, calf’s head, cotechino with pearà sauce), roast veal, leg of pork, mixed grill (beef steak and entrecote, pork chops, salamelle sausage, pork cutlets), stew with polenta, beef cheeks, meat loaf, braised beef with polenta. Depending on the season we also prepare roast kid and rabbit.

with our homemade mostarda (fruit pickles) varieties: pear, apple, white water-melon and cherry mostarda, and jams (apples and elder flowers, plums and cinnamon, apples and mint leaves, cherries, jujubes etc...)

grandmother’s cake, yogurt cake, almond cookies, sbrisolona cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake, apple cake and other cakes depending on mamma Rosalba’s fancy.

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